Sunday, March 26, 2017



Waaa...seems like I didn't open this blog for almost a year. You know, busy. Studying. At last, I've finished my study in Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang. What I can say is, for 10 month I was at KMKN so many precious memories that had created.

Thanks to all the people that helps me. Farah, Khairin, Iena and Mai, thanks for being my worderful friend forever and ever. Thanks to Ichigo for making me smile everyday and gave me the spirits to be more focus (acah je ni). Who is Ichigo? Well......adalah..Rahsia. :p

Ingat lagi dulu, when I accidentally isi for Foundation in Science Technology UniKL at Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang which I had never expected to study in. It turned out to be the best place for me to study in my entire life. More exciting than the school. In KMKN, I know what is the meaning of friendship, leadership and maybe love?. My first A for Physic is also in KMKN. I had never thought that I can score A. Thanks to Dr. Nabilah. Because of her, I got my courage back. Hehehe. Well, it's because I'd never got an A in physic before.

To all juniors out there, maybe you see Kuala Nerang is like kampung and nothing seronok yang korang boleh enjoy kat sana, but trust me on this, for me it's the best place for you to study. Untuk persediaan ke alam universiti yang lagi mencabar, KMKN is the best place.


In KMKN we have like 4 courses for the next intake which are :-

1)  Fist UniKL - engineering
2)  Australia - engineering (gonna fly to autralia)
3)  SPC RCU - medic 
4) Accounting (matriculation)

Correct me if i'm wrong. Kay.