Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cuti Semester


My final exam was over a week ago. I'm sorry but I didn't had much time to update an entry but now I do. Here I am. Sitting on a chair in front of the computer in my home. Yes. In my home. I've been home since Friday night. My parents pick me up at IIUM. 

Don't ask me about my final. I hate to hear the word final examination. It's not that I don't have much time to study, I did had time but you know with all the thing that I had to do. What kind of excuse is that. Yeah, whatever. You know what, my carry mark is seriously freaking low. It's my mistake actually. Maybe because I'm not used to that carry mark things, then I took it lightly and booomm, I regretted. Now, I can put all my regrets into the dustbin because it's no use because IT'S TO LATE!! My bad. My mistake.

All I can do now is pray. Believe in Allah. Tawakkal. That's all I can do now. I'm not hoping that my mark will change into something that is unbelievable, something that is woww, it's the highest or four flat or something. I only hope that I will pass in all the subject and I don't have to repeat it again. But if I have to, I accept it with an open heart as long as I still can be an engineering student next semester. They said, that if you got below 2.0 for engineering you have to change the course I think. I don't wanna change the course. I love engineering. I love IIUM. I wanna move to Gambang next semester. Please do.

Believe in Allah's will and everything gonna be fine. Tawakkal and reda. There could be beauty in tragedy anyway so whatever it is I have to accept. Maybe there's something wonderful for me in the future. Who knows. InShaaAllah. Pray for me..  :D