Thursday, December 1, 2016

I'm Back


As u all know before this I was a student of IIUM but now i am no longer a student there. 
i got below 2.00. I took my bag and leave. Ahahaha. Just kidding. At first I thought maybe engineering is not the best for me so I filled the UPU again and choose architecture for my first choice. I went for the interview but unlucky for me I didn't manage to did well. Before went to the interview i did ask for the foundation under UniKL at Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang.

Maybe I was fated to be an engineer so I decided to go to KMKN. Now I already a student here. There could beauty in tragedy. Now I know, Allah had take something that I think better for me but he had replace it with something beyond my thought. I did well here. It's already semester 2. I got 3.80 for my semeter 1. Alhamdulillah. I never thought that i can get above 3.50. Im really thankful for everything. I cried when I knew Im no longer a student before but now I can smile again. What can i say is patient. الصبر من الإيمان.

Allah will give you what you need. Not what you want. Just be patient and everything gonna be just fine.