Sunday, February 8, 2015

Waiting For The Result

As you all know, I am waiting for my SPM result which will be announced on this March. As a human being I do feel nervous. Really. I hope I can get flying colours in my result because I really want to further my study oversea like I always dream. But then when I think again I don't know whether I can get what I want. Just look at my biology. Oh my god. Paper three section B. I'm already surrendered at that time. Then, my English. A mistake that I've never done before in my whole life and I did it in my paper 1 section B essay. When I walked out from the exam hall, my friend ask me which question did I answers. After that when I read again that question then I realise that I had made the biggest mistake. The question ask about fisherman or something but I wrote about something else that didn't related at all to the question. The only thing that I can do at that time is crying. I didn't care all the student stared me. I feel so stupid until today. How can I be so careless.

Last few days, I filled out the UPU. My first choice of course is Engineering, sec is architecture and third is Science which at first I wanted to choose law. But my dad didn't let me. It's okay. I didn't really know how to talk actually. Besides I love Science but I don't think I can go on with Medic. I really really don't wanna be a doctor. I don't know why i don't really have an interest in Medic. I have haemophobia but that can't be an excuse. I think all my choices are okay but I don't know what will happen in the future. My result. I don't how to face everyone especially my parents if my result are terrible. I just can't finish thinking. What should I do????

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Sekarang kan aku dan tak sekolah so selalu la sangat duduk rumah.  Bila kat rumah aku tak tau nak buat apa aku akan bukak tv. Bila ada kartun ja aku layan la.  Tertanya-tanya jugak la.  Umur yang macam aku ni tak boleh tengok kartunkah??? 

Rasanya tak salah pun.  Sebabnya kartun tu kan tak ada had umur.  Memang la kartun tu jalan cerita dia plot dia semuanya untuk budak-budak dan kebudak-budakan tapi kadang-kadang disebalik tu ada pengajaran yang boleh dapat. 

Contohnya Barbie. Aku layan barbie since I was 5 seingat aku.  And it makes me really wanna be a princess.  Dulu laa.  Sekarang aku boleh fikir logic.  I likes fairytail too.  Cinderella,  snow white,  sleeping beauty,  etc.  Dulukan selalu berangan if only I met the prince charming.  Haha.  Tu dulu.  Zaman mana aku ingat there's a prince charming like in the fairytail.  Zaman aku ingat magic was true.

What i want to say is when u see your friend or your sister watch cartoon don't disturb them.  What i'm saying.  Aku rasa aku dah melalut sakan. Huh.  whatever. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Ayah

Okay.. Haqi ni 2 February 2015.
Maknanya hari ni birthday ayah so