Sunday, February 8, 2015

Waiting For The Result

As you all know, I am waiting for my SPM result which will be announced on this March. As a human being I do feel nervous. Really. I hope I can get flying colours in my result because I really want to further my study oversea like I always dream. But then when I think again I don't know whether I can get what I want. Just look at my biology. Oh my god. Paper three section B. I'm already surrendered at that time. Then, my English. A mistake that I've never done before in my whole life and I did it in my paper 1 section B essay. When I walked out from the exam hall, my friend ask me which question did I answers. After that when I read again that question then I realise that I had made the biggest mistake. The question ask about fisherman or something but I wrote about something else that didn't related at all to the question. The only thing that I can do at that time is crying. I didn't care all the student stared me. I feel so stupid until today. How can I be so careless.

Last few days, I filled out the UPU. My first choice of course is Engineering, sec is architecture and third is Science which at first I wanted to choose law. But my dad didn't let me. It's okay. I didn't really know how to talk actually. Besides I love Science but I don't think I can go on with Medic. I really really don't wanna be a doctor. I don't know why i don't really have an interest in Medic. I have haemophobia but that can't be an excuse. I think all my choices are okay but I don't know what will happen in the future. My result. I don't how to face everyone especially my parents if my result are terrible. I just can't finish thinking. What should I do????


  1. good luck for you ^_^ 3 hari lagi.. Saya macam minat medik tapi mcm question pulak ability diri sndiri :(

    1. good luck for you jugak.. :D.. kalau minat go on ja..